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WellSpring XXXI ~ Attentiveness

Arriving as: present, jigsaw almost completed, curious, listening, quietly, bewilded, breathing, collected. unwinding, bewilding, creating intention, aligning with happenings, in the river already flowing, making meaning, selecting attention, managing the rocky bits, canoe tipping, full attentiveness, listening to the land, prescencing receptivity, de-emphasising the “i”, telling a story, told as story, place of attentiveness, journey

WellSpring XXX ~ Oceanness

Arriving partied out, quietly peaceful, reflected, replete, excited, motivated, bright and peaceful, caffeinated, glowing – excited by, anticipating, connecting richness, contribution beginning, yearning, not needing to be perfect, gently perfecting, drops in the ocean, ripples forming, adding to the whole, sensing ocean-ness, graduating, graduation, into the sweetness, reflecting the ocean, bouquets of appreciation, the move

WellSpring XXIX ~ Choosing

Arriving charged, contemplative, generous, grateful, muffled. Seeking conditions conducive to happiness, virtues of conviction,  legacies of action, long-nows and waitings, passion and risking, change and changing, being ready to release, is there a moment of letting go, renunciation of the declining, allowing the leaving of landscapes, familiars and habits, following one’s guidance, choice to committing,