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Apithology 10-Year Event ~ Registration

The planning for the Apithology 10-Year Event is getting exciting. And … its time to register. In asking ‘What would an apithological one look like’ this event works a bit differently. The main apithology design element is, instead of an ‘early bird discount’, there is a ‘late registrant premium’. The reason for this is we will design the

WellSpring XXXVII ~ Timings

Arriving rested, liberated, happy, sparkling, ruffled, pleasantly surprised. Curious about time, obsessions in planning and momentary presencing, conceptions of time, distortions of time, states of time, kronos as the opportune, kairos as the opportunity,  quantity of time, quality of time, missing the point (in time), missing the point (of timing), timing and timeliness, conscious opportunity,

WellSpring XXXVI ~ Brilliance

Arriving good, learning, energised, receptive, rushed, rock-pool-like. Fire inside, energy excited, tempered, working in the fire, being formed against, cohere-ing and re-cohering, malleable, yet strong, heat-able, for transmutation, consuming fire, offering into the fire, wood chips maintaining, heat and light, or glow and brilliance, purification, inspiration, working with, fitting together, melding and molding, others to

WellSpring XXXV ~ Sufficiency

Arriving as settled, steady, balanced, simply, sufficient. Considering inherency, caring, sufficiency, self-identifying, ‘self’ identifying, historical masking, who you are, who are you moving into, you are moving back to, tripping over own toes, walking a weavy pathway, arriving (never), being with (always), being adequate, becoming unremarkable, invitation for recognition, prior to intention, propelling, the momentum

Apithology Business Boot-Camp

This last weekend Will and Adam did the Red Hill Reconnaissance for the 10 Year Apithology Event. This arduous task involved an extensive investigation of possible venues for various social meetings of apithology guests at the October 10Y Convention. Actually, we only got to two places, as an extended fine-dining lunch with views of the