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17Y Retreat ~ Humanity Becoming

Thank you for your input into the design and timing of our 17Y Retreat. Following below is the  formal invite and the necessary details and actions for registration and preparation. This year we return to the practitioner based format, rather than a public event at apitholo, as the work to be presented represents content that requires

NewSpring 112 ~ Sonance #6

The transcription from the Sonance Practice #6: Soma#1 – assembling, trusting, differences, moved –  23, 47, 27, 31. Soma #2 – jumbled, relaxing into, earthing, channels deepening and others hiding, linked fingers as a vessel – 40, 40, 26, 32. Soma #3 – endless runway, stretching, nothing more needed, acceptance of, illustrating – 41, 10,