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NewSpring 109 ~ Sonance #3

The transcription from the Sonance Practice #3: Soma#1 – respectful curiosity, recohearing, sufficient coping, being sung  – 37, 20, 22, 36 Soma #2 – tingling tension, skin sensings, full feelingness, diverse pulling and pushings jostlings – 43, 17, 12, 22 Soma #3 – what is it, meaning full-ness, Ahrrr, newly uncertainly, simply actually impartially –

NewSpring 108 ~ Sonance #2

The transcription from the Sonance Practice #2: Soma#1 – creaking, cracking, arts of humans, plates on planet, trembling cells jostling, diverse invisibles, gentle holding, arts parcels presences – 34, 15, 12, 42 Soma #2 – flow of tides times and thought of us, sensing existence, not yet sentience, recognising unique distinctions, can wholeness overcome true

NewSpring 107 ~ Sonance #1

Discovering, entering, positioning, imagining dimension, finding inside and outside, practicing enumerating, messages to human society, reflections from humanity to humanity, careful intrigue, caring-full-ness in listening, burdens created, purse silence, softness at the edge, trepidatious patience, satellites finding location, initial practice insights recorded … We sing to the song of the First Soma: [44, 27, 19,

Pandemia and Periapicals

This is a personal blog post simply applying apithology principles to the occurrence of a global pandemic. It considers the response of human conceptions to complex situations involving present global perceptions. In watching intently the unfolding of the global responses to the SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus which manifests as the COVID-19 multi-pathway progressive disease, three (of