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Updates on what’s happening.

16Y Retreat ~ Humanity Nurturance

Thank you for your responses to the design survey for our 16th Year Apithology Practitioners Retreat. In apithology practice it is always worth doing the prior inquiry and the emails, phone calls and conversations supplemented the design and attendance options helpfully. This post is to tell you more about this year’s retreat and provide some

NewSpring 109 ~ Sonance #3

The transcription from the Sonance Practice #3: Soma#1 – respectful curiosity, recohearing, sufficient coping, being sung  – 37, 20, 22, 36 Soma #2 – tingling tension, skin sensings, full feelingness, diverse pulling and pushings jostlings – 43, 17, 12, 22 Soma #3 – what is it, meaning full-ness, Ahrrr, newly uncertainly, simply actually impartially –

Practitioner Requisites ~ Inquiry and Artifacts

In the post on the membership transition for the Apithology Practitioner Forum is a list of requisites for practice which will be required to receive the benefits that come from Practitioner status. One of those requisites is completion of the Apithology Practitioners Course and verification of the Course artifacts (being the Module Inquiries, Artifacts and

New Entity ~ Community Survey Results

The consultation process for ideas on the possible new entity for the engagement with Apithology is continuing. The steps so far have been: Seeking by email community inputs for suggested forms (over 50 contributed); Suggestions for ‘words associated with apithology’ practice (over 40 contributed); Design (and subsequent re-design) of a community survey to prompt for

WellSpring XLIV ~ Seasons

Arriving refreshed, relaxed, bemused, quietly, ground-water-like. Seasonal embodiment, re-discovered awareness, qualities coming forward, rippling out, alignment with, deterministic, naturalistic, apicycles of orientation, textural health, ebbs and flows, quiet exhaustions, antidote activities, strengthening spaces, holding potentials, rejuvenation eventual, attuning aspects, energetically influenced, energetic-ally influencing, embodied, human artificial, virtual perceptual, mitigation as apathy, fluidity of tension holding,

WellSpring XLII ~ Parenting

Arriving as: Intrigued, excited, in wonderment, bliss and blessed, artfully, in sufficiency, reflective, purposeful, automagically. Expressing gratitude, paternalism, maternalism, generative humanism, cultural expressions of caring, quality beyond male/female, masculine/feminine, maternalism/paternalism, matrilineal/patrilineal, the change as the child arises, finding ‘it takes a village’, a spectra of genders, a community of parents, a connection of carers, a

WellSpring XXXV ~ Sufficiency

Arriving as settled, steady, balanced, simply, sufficient. Considering inherency, caring, sufficiency, self-identifying, ‘self’ identifying, historical masking, who you are, who are you moving into, you are moving back to, tripping over own toes, walking a weavy pathway, arriving (never), being with (always), being adequate, becoming unremarkable, invitation for recognition, prior to intention, propelling, the momentum

WellSpring XXXI ~ Attentiveness

Arriving as: present, jigsaw almost completed, curious, listening, quietly, bewilded, breathing, collected. unwinding, bewilding, creating intention, aligning with happenings, in the river already flowing, making meaning, selecting attention, managing the rocky bits, canoe tipping, full attentiveness, listening to the land, prescencing receptivity, de-emphasising the “i”, telling a story, told as story, place of attentiveness, journey

WellSpring XXX ~ Oceanness

Arriving partied out, quietly peaceful, reflected, replete, excited, motivated, bright and peaceful, caffeinated, glowing – excited by, anticipating, connecting richness, contribution beginning, yearning, not needing to be perfect, gently perfecting, drops in the ocean, ripples forming, adding to the whole, sensing ocean-ness, graduating, graduation, into the sweetness, reflecting the ocean, bouquets of appreciation, the move

What is apithology?

We recently commissioned two worldwide experts to discuss in a generative dialogue the profoundly difficult question: ‘What is apithology?’  After several years of conversation (and over five hundred blog posts and thousands of hours of transcription) the results have been put together into this short video presentation. We hope you enjoy it immensely …  

Apithology April ~ 2013

Welcome to Apithology April! It all began yesterday – the start of a month-long celebration of, for and as the apithology community.  Over the next 30 days we would love to invite you to some very special events, including a Wellspring open house and a social get together in Fremantle where partners and families are