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Information available to practitioners.

Beyond Human Learning ~ Generative Apithagogy

There have already been many benefits from our inquiry into the generative learning designs for Apitholo ~ The Center for Humanity Learning. Because that forum is for a different outcome, it asks some different questions about what is happening for humans when they do learning. In recently reading the current leading thinkers on learning theory,

Generative Tension ~ Role in Creativity

Occasionally in apithology praxis we take a break from the generation of new theory and modalities and look backwards to previous work by ‘pre-a^’ researchers to see the many benefits of their contributions and efficacy in generativity theory. In abductive logics this backstory relevance is called ‘consilience’, where a new hypothesis while novel and seen

Apithology of Organizational Learning

For many years the role of generative learning in organisational development has been central in the testing of apithology theory and practice. This post examines some challenges to our own assumptions about how learning occurs and proposes some different thinking on the apithological ethics in the approach to defensive routines. Some existing assumptions on learning

Apithology Business Boot-Camp

This last weekend Will and Adam did the Red Hill Reconnaissance for the 10 Year Apithology Event. This arduous task involved an extensive investigation of possible venues for various social meetings of apithology guests at the October 10Y Convention. Actually, we only got to two places, as an extended fine-dining lunch with views of the