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WellSpring LXXXII ~ Tensionality

Arriving resolved, insided, pugilistic, arrived, lost, springing, quality of tension, generative tension, other tensions, anxious tensions, needy tensions, complacency tensions, assembly tensions, tensegrity, tension within me, tensions within humanity, being and becoming, holding in a river, holding as an ocean, being and differentiating, expressing in tension, within one held, not between things in time, expanding

WellSpring LXXXI ~ Truthing

Arriving mysteriously, waiting, calmly frenetic, looking at the loss of criticality of assumptions that inform desires, the questioning of assumptions of truth and rationality, the moving into more openness in the ways of knowing, truth in desire, truth as desire, desire for truth, optioning in the confusion, accepting of greater truths to guide accepting, collective

WellSpring LXXX ~ Balancing

Arriving saddened, neutralish, calm, grateful, sanguine, doing the humanity thing, celebrating doing well, critique of efforts, excitement in successes, disappointment in failures, dancing around the pole, dances in polarity, walking the balance beam, being wobbly, not being definite, tenuous balancing, context of humanity, humanity in contexts, potential for humans, more than human’s potentials, appropriate questions,

WellSpring LXXIX ~ Timeliness

Arriving beginning, fully, arriving, grateful, spaciously – patient in a system, systems of care, care of patience, timing and timeliness, sensing of connection, timing of next step, noting where is the turn, turning to the turning, more than process and procedure, non-assuming of placement, daily attendancing, one-off attendance, orchestration, orchestralisation, allowing grieving, senses of sensing,

WellSpring LXXVII ~ Sweeping

Arriving watered, shed, attentively, greenly, trying, shedding possessions, skilful sweeping, raising fish, necessity of retention, intra-generational discarding, worthiness of time, brazing copper, texting greetings, culture as knowledge, humanity necessity, receptivity to learn, ritualising tensions, discerning instructing, child-like imitation, cultural reliability, evolution is draconian, culture convenient, apithology enablement, moving past, bringing with, integration of, assessment of

WellSpring LXXVI ~ Attending

Arriving polyphonically, invigorated, liberated, anticipatory, tentatively, erratically, experiencing humour, recognition of humility, prolonged reflection, human responding, uncrossing a snake’s path, unwell enough for what, noting the nature of, attentiveness to attending, locating discerning, ways of holding, softening pre-suppositions, virtue as a defence to grace, dropping from self-centrism, beginning with humanitism, including while expanding, the embrace

WellSpring LXXV ~ Delighting

Arriving curious, blank, repetitiously, stable, experiences of loss, memory in fondness, querying disappointment, felt scale of inquiry, resolution of observation, texture in tapestry, contribution of expression, potentials altered, learning remembered, how experiences, old rocks, long nows, multi-generational timeframes, already at scale, doubling in cells, capacity for experiences altering, quality of humanity unchanging, belief in belief

WellSpring LXXIV ~ (In)Stability

Arriving gently, lucky, cautiously, warming, enriched, unhindered, confused images, bemused news, influencing thought, generative information, different stories, different storying, stability within instability, hold not gripped by, held and held by, hold for and hold forth, choosing to engage, compulsions to know, directing attention, quality of holding, spiritual traditions, changed world, world changing, seeing holdings, reflecting

WellSpring LXXIII ~ Pathways

Arriving pensive, awake, alert, surprised, grateful, methodical, musing on trajectory, learning as trajectorising, the path enacting, the richness unfolding, stepping onto, as a stepping into, when is a pathway, implied resulting, implication of resultants, implied possibility, trajectory as directionality, pathway as variability, destiny making, dropping away, pathway as enriched path, removal of arrival, moving as

WellSpring LXXII ~ Celebrating

Arriving refreshed, gratefully, quiet, grounded, concerned, cold, awe-filled, celebrating rich history, wellspring potentiating apithology, gardening nourishing gardening, participating in unknowing, others arriving similarly, benefits un-envisaged, appreciative of the beauty, experiencing what is possible, remarkable new becomings, recipe for mystery, more than imaginable, satiating and increasing, grateful in not knowing, marking a point in a trajectory,

Practitioners 13Y Retreat – Planning

Having now received all the feedback forms from the 12Y Practitioners Retreat, planning has commenced for our 13Y practitioner event. As recently mentioned, the format of biennial longer retreats, with shorter weekend Practitioner Masterclasses in the intervening year, seems to suggest a shorter gathering for 2017. Before looking at the emerging options for this year,

WellSpring LXXI ~ Swirling

Arriving focussed, unbalanced, undimming, gently, thrilling, humming, seasons in becoming, swirling of leaves, description of own swirling, temporal explanations, generative repenting, within remembering, grace re-membering, sociology becomes, humaniology, visiting marsness, preceding knowing, immersive nature glimpsing, (human) nature doing the seeing, conceptual-ising particles, inquiry-ising allness, curious verses inquiryness, whole-seasonality, winterness telling us, about (not summer) only

WellSpring LXX ~ Comfort

Arriving serene, present, I’m trying, echoy, chilled, cleansed; human nature, comfort seeking, comfort in nature, comfortable with discomfort, gooey blissfulness, uncomfortable discomfort, suspended suspension, dynamic movement, yearning for comfort, times of changingness, resting place arrival, essential safeness, unconstrained freedom, striving for safety, unbeknownst to insecurity, four aspects of comfortability, role of orientation, influencing sufficiency, humanity

WellSpring LXIX ~ Endings

Arriving scraggly, invigorated, pensing, blindly balancing, softly. noticing endings, and beginnings, developmental punctuations, outcome clarity, commencement ambiguity, humanity’s contributing, end of life caring, possibility ending-no-ending, beyond cognitive holding, humanity reflexivity, reflecting on an ending, reflexion in a continuing; reflecting, reflection, reflexion, habituated continuation, no-end cycling, physiology of continuity, chronic responsibility, indefinite sensitivity, the hundred-year-ouch of

WellSpring LXVIII ~ Veracity

Arriving reflective, clearing, learning, amused, distressed- verifying data, feelings, conceptions, objectively and concretely, subjectively and correctly, inter-subjectively and consonantly, looking for veracity, as a consonance with humanity, more than trans-individual, more than trans-cultural, sometimes true, not always true, partly true, totally true (for limited situations), in the generative finding new-ness, building on consilience, veracity in

WellSpring LXVII ~ Agility

Arriving gleaming/blooming, concerned, naturalised, grateful, with gratitude for vantage points, being with tensions, not managing, correcting, controlling, offering reasons, only recognitions, not problems, interplay, not a lens (for seeing), a container-ing (for holding), not a pointing out thing, a allowing thing, not a narrative that it does, but what results, unappealing as a fix or

WellSpring LXVI ~ Renewal

Arriving reconciled, slowed, gently, blooming, raw yet present, renewing; new beginnings, celebrations for renewal, enabling continuing, ‘what do I want to do’, becomes ‘what does openness ask me/us to be open to’, excited about the ‘what’, or to deeply considering the ‘who’, continuation without arbitrariness, ongoingness, not-me on-handing, three-times coherency, better-future privileging, building for others’

WellSpring LXV ~ Tensioning

Arriving embodied, active, attentive, focussed, sweetly, resolved. directions of tensions, romantic tension, sexual tension, factional tensions, positive tensions, timescale tensions, outcomes thwarted, natural growing, entraining conditions, eggshell chipping, generative tension, familiar ordinariness, sources of absence, causes of conflicts, polarities of reliance, sustaining a conflict, or finding enablement, expending energy into creative ‘solutioning’, constraint parameters as