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Tag Archives: renewal

WellSpring LXVI ~ Renewal

Arriving reconciled, slowed, gently, blooming, raw yet present, renewing; new beginnings, celebrations for renewal, enabling continuing, ‘what do I want to do’, becomes ‘what does openness ask me/us to be open to’, excited about the ‘what’, or to deeply considering the ‘who’, continuation without arbitrariness, ongoingness, not-me on-handing, three-times coherency, better-future privileging, building for others’

WellSpring XLV ~ Renewal

Arriving naturally, attuning, easily, sniffly, pleasantly surprised, undecided. Present to renewal, cyclic renewal, generative renewal, refresh, restart, resuming, revisiting, replacing, renewal as four aspects, sufficiency, ongoing exploration, already knew, new knewing, holding others in sufficiency, changes receptivity, creation of sanctuary, inquiry into retreat, appropriate pacing, conducive conditions, coming sufficient, tuning up for the next iteration,