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WellSpring LI ~ Practicing

Arriving frazzled, open, strangely spritely, multi-tasked, with awake-fullness. Practice(s) sitting within practice, doing in, with, ‘as’, complimenting together, separately or separately together, aligning as lenses for minding the mindful, influencing contributively distinctively, within a holding of practicing, at differing scales, a Humanity level healing, where scale is scaled by holding an intention, in self that

WellSpring L ~ Thresholding

Arriving quietly, multi-facetedly, gently-smiling, sanguinely, wondering. Different seasons, different energies, daily flows, river flows, tidal flows, standing ready, thresholding, simple next choices, determining of flows of choosing, tipping over the edge of a new doing, teetering into new beginnings, tarot humility, temporary reflection, swirling waters, imaginary conflicts, naive fresh beginnings, equinoxial murmurings, humans looking for

WellSpring XLIX ~ Naming

Arriving as: muffled, pioneering, surprised, ruffled, phlemy, jittery. What is it that ‘naming’ and labeling does to our exploring – of what appears to be known and what may be limiting our unknowing? A tree alone standing, a sentry of past magnificence that has been recently rediscovered as essential for our community. A tension in

A History of WellSpring ~ Four Years On

The July 2015 WellSpring marks the fourth year of continuous meeting of our community in that practice modality. This monthly-get-together has become a useful habit, providing a place to re-nourish the community, and as a result, the participants equally. On this occasion it is timely to recall the origins of this meeting practice and the history

WellSpring XLVIII ~ Service

Arriving as invigorated, happy, breathing, stretching. Element of service in, who in ‘service for’, and in service when, social media now, humanity needs in three times, in service to, in service for, in service of, which timing, seed in time, groups of future, the now destroying the ‘to be’, choosing in enabling, actions of re-moving,

New Entity ~ Community Survey Results

The consultation process for ideas on the possible new entity for the engagement with Apithology is continuing. The steps so far have been: Seeking by email community inputs for suggested forms (over 50 contributed); Suggestions for ‘words associated with apithology’ practice (over 40 contributed); Design (and subsequent re-design) of a community survey to prompt for

WellSpring XLVII ~ Learning

Arriving composted, clear, creatively, swaying, clearer, clearest, satisfied. Lineage learning, rope of holding, confusion and chaos, safe navigating, humanity learning, learning doing , lineage holding, line finding, musics in the musicality of humanity music, chaos as formative, family of healing, seeing the healing seeing, giving of the gifts in formality, other knowledges known, respectful contribution,

What’s in a name?

In May 2015 we began a consultation process to choose a name for a new location for future apithology resources, discussion, and learning. For some time, there have been periodic inquiries about apithology as an ‘idea’. While we have worked for over a decade on the “long-learning” for the development of the field, we have

WellSpring XLVI ~ Presence

Arriving stunning, open, ruminating, misty-eyed, in detail, reflective. Connecting to holding, connecting with holding, finding in what we do, the doing for all, all find their doing, gaining in the all available from all, and the all available in each, dancing with no necessity for change, dancing with no expectation of change, doing ‘for, by,

WellSpring XLV ~ Renewal

Arriving naturally, attuning, easily, sniffly, pleasantly surprised, undecided. Present to renewal, cyclic renewal, generative renewal, refresh, restart, resuming, revisiting, replacing, renewal as four aspects, sufficiency, ongoing exploration, already knew, new knewing, holding others in sufficiency, changes receptivity, creation of sanctuary, inquiry into retreat, appropriate pacing, conducive conditions, coming sufficient, tuning up for the next iteration,

WellSpring XLIV ~ Seasons

Arriving refreshed, relaxed, bemused, quietly, ground-water-like. Seasonal embodiment, re-discovered awareness, qualities coming forward, rippling out, alignment with, deterministic, naturalistic, apicycles of orientation, textural health, ebbs and flows, quiet exhaustions, antidote activities, strengthening spaces, holding potentials, rejuvenation eventual, attuning aspects, energetically influenced, energetic-ally influencing, embodied, human artificial, virtual perceptual, mitigation as apathy, fluidity of tension holding,

WellSpring XLIII ~ Remarkableness

Arriving as: preoccupied, stalled, arriving, cosy, engaged. generative minds, contracted learnings, leaning into, other ways of being, contracting, contracted, contractive, what happened, what happens, what could happen, locating context, history of learning, in the learners learning, context as history, container as new-mystery, learning as motivation, within capacity for engagement, supportive community, pacing of practice, labelling

WellSpring XLII ~ Parenting

Arriving as: Intrigued, excited, in wonderment, bliss and blessed, artfully, in sufficiency, reflective, purposeful, automagically. Expressing gratitude, paternalism, maternalism, generative humanism, cultural expressions of caring, quality beyond male/female, masculine/feminine, maternalism/paternalism, matrilineal/patrilineal, the change as the child arises, finding ‘it takes a village’, a spectra of genders, a community of parents, a connection of carers, a

WellSpring XLI ~ Seasons

Arriving eager, appreciatively, appreciation, lemonade-fizzing, rejoiceful, rattled, reflective, dancing on marbles. Growing a practice, growing humanity practice, bold, audacious, courageous, big-picture-taking-in, respectful of history, ten days, months, years (decades), evocation of timeless landscapes, punctuation by seasons, markers of energies, foods, journeys, staging for all, the ‘as-ness’ of choicing, humans doing human business, humanity noticing humanity’s

WellSpring XL ~ Grounding

Arriving  still, watchfully, curious, inquisitively, balancing-wobbly, invigorated, engaged, well-rested. Appreciation expressed, participation reflected, who to become, who is becoming, centered, presenced, subtle-strength, returning, recognisable, not explained, more questions, less answers, inquiry of direction, sense of sufficiency, getting you nothing, drawn not driven, who is dependent, witnessing entering, being together as, deepening motivation, different ground, bare-feet

10Y Event – Encompassing

Our celebratory meeting has now concluded and for those unable to attend this coming together of the past (and next) decades of practice, here is a brief summary of the activities and inquiries completed (on behalf of all). Thank you for your exquisite attendance, tending, and attendings. Ten Year Celebratory Dinner The formal address at