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WellSpring LXIV ~ Transiting

Arriving crunchy, reflective, stable, sublime, committed; transition, transiting, fecundity breakdown, clean-up, clearing out, being with, in a different way, allowing human realm, pause in conversation, recognising attainment, and retention, later allowing, future mention, controlling for,   holding until appropriate, decomposition, recomposition, tension between, not going with, not within and into, curiosity of forms, attentiveness to

WellSpring LXIII ~ Relating

Arriving (in practice) in Groundedness. Humbleness. Contribution. Connectedness. Preparedness, Alignment. Appreciation. Fluency. Submission. Generosity, Offering. Attending. Asking. Intenting. Guiding, Receptivity. Trusting. Reciprocating. Reverency. Concordance, Inhalation. Documentation. Navigation. Invocation. Recordation, Receive. Position. Transmute. Purvey. Evoke. a relational quality to other, qualitative difference, way of life and living, being a way in relation to others, dropping the

WellSpring LXII ~ Tenaciousness

Arriving stimulated, unsure, not-sure, enthusiastic but flat, robust; systems of breakdown, with repetition, frequency, immediacy, tenuousness-tenaciousness, soldiering-on, stoicism, grace in contraction, relevance of responsiveness, grounding, re-configuring, holding-differently, celebrating simplicity, yogic-returning, gravity-soup-ish-ness, cycle of simplicity, proactive-return, non-utopian/ dystopian/ trans-humanism narrative, technology-enabling, human-sharing, abundant paucity-sharing, holding-what-is, regime-shift-release, opportunity-holding, joyfully-for-now, holding and release, responsive-discernment, abundant-transitioning, flowering-releasing, fruiting-falling, doing-by-done-to, doing-so-as-to,

WellSpring LXI ~ Need

Arriving reset, truthfully, activated, serene, peaceful, hungry, being in need, being need, a lack, or something that must be done, a condition requiring relief, needed to grow, is a humanity in need of us, who is the we, where is the us, desirables, requirements, contributions for entrainment, scenarios for quirkiness, inquiry into essentialness, determining evolutionary

WellSpring LX ~ Consonance

Arriving delighted, awakening, in-over, adjusting, fruiting, inquiring how are you, asked of humanity, how are we, asked within humanity, how is our humanity, asked with humanity, understanding the question, conditions for its answering, ability to receive the answer, existential answerings, conditioned by their asking, eliciting another’s experience, discovering phenomenologically, who were you, what feels you,

WellSpring LIX ~ Generosity

Arriving appreciatively, gentling, wondering, gently, patient – asking about true generosity, being generous as freely giving, generosity as a sense of heart-space-holding, giving with unconditionality, timing and patience in generous giving, holding the seeds, right moment finding, contributive not dissipative, seeds invasive, untended gardens, larger than me-ness, larger than we-ness, the us-ness of generosity, not

WellSpring LVIII ~ When

Arriving refreshed, softly, queasy, looking, busy, bearded. The when of practice occurring, the practice instruction, the practice break, the daily intention, the occasional revisiting, all orientations providing opportunity, awarenessing of practice possibility, setting aside the boxing and aside setting, in the anticipation of doing, when is curiosity not occurring, being as less doing of, a

WellSpring LVII ~ Resiliency

Arriving enamoured, bristling, aching, brimming, prosplendent, mourning. Embodied trichotomies, grounding alignment, holding inside and outside, disharmonic convergences, longer perspectives, holding true importance, quality of resiliency, looking at a situation, looking from trichotomy, as condition, suffering and forbearance, presence and enrichment, not a part from the outcome, a part of the outcome, a witnessing of the

Practitioner Requisites ~ Inquiry and Artifacts

In the post on the membership transition for the Apithology Practitioner Forum is a list of requisites for practice which will be required to receive the benefits that come from Practitioner status. One of those requisites is completion of the Apithology Practitioners Course and verification of the Course artifacts (being the Module Inquiries, Artifacts and

WellSpring LIV ~ Seeding

Arriving fragmented, reveling & blooming, fudging it, in transit; reaffirming a historic truth no matter what the conditions is a ‘conditioning’ condition; the meaning made of ‘the conditions’ determines what is considered as ‘conducive’ next; the journey of our life trajectory has a momentum to reinforce itself remaining itself; the uniqueness of our respective becoming

WellSpring LIII ~ Preparation

Arriving boyant, grateful, peaceful, unsettled, appreciative, gently, coloured; reflection and preparation, laying down a path while walking, looking forward to territory changing, capacity build by doing, preparation for future reflection, where is our attention in the experiencing, anticipating the learning, for the learner who is coming, attuning to the future dynamics, less than predictive, more

WellSpring LII ~ Extending

Arriving joyfully, committed, muted and grounded, seeking expectantly happily, exhilarated, heart-warmed, resonant, honouring qualities, extending self, letting go, gratitude for opportunity, stability in extension, body acceptance, humanity resonance, conditions for receiving, opening happening, holding the quietude, open to a calling for, strengthening the container, remediating the dissolution of the uncontained, vigilience with no rush to

Forms of Formation

In developing the idea for the new entity dedicated for apithology learning, one of the most interesting aspects was looking at all the different forms that were suggested. It quickly became apparent that the name of the entity was partly a function of its activity. Having an idea of the range of activities, the naming