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17Y Retreat ~ Humanity Becoming

Thank you for your input into the design and timing of our 17Y Retreat. Following below is the  formal invite and the necessary details and actions for registration and preparation. This year we return to the practitioner based format, rather than a public event at apitholo, as the work to be presented represents content that requires

NewSpring 112 ~ Sonance #6

The transcription from the Sonance Practice #6: Soma#1 – assembling, trusting, differences, moved –  23, 47, 27, 31. Soma #2 – jumbled, relaxing into, earthing, channels deepening and others hiding, linked fingers as a vessel – 40, 40, 26, 32. Soma #3 – endless runway, stretching, nothing more needed, acceptance of, illustrating – 41, 10,

16Y Retreat ~ Humanity Nurturance

Thank you for your responses to the design survey for our 16th Year Apithology Practitioners Retreat. In apithology practice it is always worth doing the prior inquiry and the emails, phone calls and conversations supplemented the design and attendance options helpfully. This post is to tell you more about this year’s retreat and provide some

NewSpring 111 ~ Sonance #5

The transcription from the Sonance Practice #5: Soma#1 – complementary distinctions, fumbling in dark, co-mingled refuse, sifting through  –  38, 30, 1, 29 [composed reverberation disarranged, more words than numbers]. Soma #2 – quiet concerns, grumbling, dissonant mutuality, bottomless compost – 40, 44, 39, 34 [diverse meaning appreciated, four legs stabilising, optimism present circumstances, disturbed

NewSpring 110 ~ Sonance #4

The transcription from the Sonance Practice #4: Soma#1 – adjustment, tensioning, together-ness(nests) ~ wholle   – 17, 30, 23, 14 Soma #2 – acknowledge, wailing, re-membering ~ tear drop onto dirty ground – 24, 12, 37, 21 Soma #3 – what is artificial, curiosity, undigitised understandings ~ unsatisficings – 42, 32, 19, 44 Soma #4

NewSpring 109 ~ Sonance #3

The transcription from the Sonance Practice #3: Soma#1 – respectful curiosity, recohearing, sufficient coping, being sung  – 37, 20, 22, 36 Soma #2 – tingling tension, skin sensings, full feelingness, diverse pulling and pushings jostlings – 43, 17, 12, 22 Soma #3 – what is it, meaning full-ness, Ahrrr, newly uncertainly, simply actually impartially –

NewSpring 108 ~ Sonance #2

The transcription from the Sonance Practice #2: Soma#1 – creaking, cracking, arts of humans, plates on planet, trembling cells jostling, diverse invisibles, gentle holding, arts parcels presences – 34, 15, 12, 42 Soma #2 – flow of tides times and thought of us, sensing existence, not yet sentience, recognising unique distinctions, can wholeness overcome true

NewSpring 107 ~ Sonance #1

Discovering, entering, positioning, imagining dimension, finding inside and outside, practicing enumerating, messages to human society, reflections from humanity to humanity, careful intrigue, caring-full-ness in listening, burdens created, purse silence, softness at the edge, trepidatious patience, satellites finding location, initial practice insights recorded … We sing to the song of the First Soma: [44, 27, 19,

NewSpring 106 ~ Sonorific

Feeling curiosity, trepidation, nurtured, ease, loved, subdued, discovering doors, truths, recursions, invitations, residing, insiding, voicing, learning, entrainments, vessels, somas, potentials, naturalness, cardinals, ordinals, enterings, holdings, wholdings, exquisite invitings; Asking how it is (in practicing) relates to the why it does (in enabling)…  

NewSpring 105 ~Reverbing

Feeling bedazzled, challenged, emotional, pulled, constricted, inquiring into humanity-centric practice, allowing human nurturance, mutuality of enablement, replenishing the well springing, moistering the ground, expression of life as the presence of moisture, toning in sonace, resonancing in songing, invocation in vocalisation, voicing beyond the two residings, a humanity voice moving to singing, singing the vessel as

NewSpring 104 ~ Sonances

Feeling curiosity, momentary narratings, refreshed, flat puzzled, perceptual, wondering, causal in present moment, influencing of current human capacities, to perceive and act differently, experiencing resonancy, later resonancing with humanity, not just humans humanising, spaces of receptivity, re-sonance listening, in the sonance of another, imaginative, not envisaging of futures, imaginal limitations, wombs as a feeling, gestation

NewSpring 103 ~ Discoverances

Feeling grief, sweetness, heartbroken, fluey concern, meditative, forward pull, tone and rhythm, times and duration, exploration of service, cohesion within holding, significance of shared, beneath new joining, container moving, landscape visiting, pacing led, weighting as lead (pb), future drawing, wellspring seeding newspring, moisture lingering, more moistering, holding of mystery, within the pulling, holding for what

NewSpring 102 ~ Resonances

Feeling timely, appropriate, refreshing, necessary precision, new accuracy, enabling humanity, relations differently, anticipatory, recalling coherences in practices, kata|prayer|breathing, seven transitions, leading to below the central residing, songs sung needing many voices, harmonies and frequencies, entrainment potentials, future causal, potentials holding, seeds as innate, potency potentiated, ground of becoming, ecological integrity, moving from static-ness, feeling sensing,

Virtual Transitions – Web Presencing

This post invites an emergent discussion already occurring and continuing regarding the form, formats, locations and usability of future apithology virtual spaces. With the 15Y Retreat there was a conjunction of WellSpring practice, our Recitation investigation and a Masterclasses culmination. There is an apparent transition now made apparent that must be newly accommodated (ie Apithology

NewSpring 101 ~ Transitions

Arriving curious, adoring, also curious, organised, shift in the seasons, changes in humanity, breathing as seeding, inquiry into the form of inquiry, asking ‘What is needed at this time?’, an allowance that enables a holding of unknowing, allowance for children to pay forward to future potentials, being interested and invested, no expectation of returns, as

Humanity Inquiry ~ Five Forms

Arising from the convening of the Apithology 15 Year retreat was a consolidation of the essences of the present forms of humanity inquiry. For completeness …and to prompt a discussion of what form of inquiry is invited by the next invitation from apithology, here are their descriptions. Additionally, there is a transcription of the 15Y

WellSpring C ~ Love

Arriving playful, delighted, whimsical, soft, whirl pooling, holding love, as connection, commonality, empathy, unity, involving humans, holding of potentiation of the potential, as love, not for other, but as potential, in a humanity, for humanity becoming, as humanity actualising, with all humaness in three times expressing, reflections within, not reflection of self onto, more than