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Virtual Transitions – Web Presencing

This post invites an emergent discussion already occurring and continuing regarding the form, formats, locations and usability of future apithology virtual spaces. With the 15Y Retreat there was a conjunction of WellSpring practice, our Recitation investigation and a Masterclasses culmination. There is an apparent transition now made apparent that must be newly accommodated (ie Apithology

WellSpring LXIV ~ Transiting

Arriving crunchy, reflective, stable, sublime, committed; transition, transiting, fecundity breakdown, clean-up, clearing out, being with, in a different way, allowing human realm, pause in conversation, recognising attainment, and retention, later allowing, future mention, controlling for,   holding until appropriate, decomposition, recomposition, tension between, not going with, not within and into, curiosity of forms, attentiveness to