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Tag Archives: relating

WellSpring LXIII ~ Relating

Arriving (in practice) in Groundedness. Humbleness. Contribution. Connectedness. Preparedness, Alignment. Appreciation. Fluency. Submission. Generosity, Offering. Attending. Asking. Intenting. Guiding, Receptivity. Trusting. Reciprocating. Reverency. Concordance, Inhalation. Documentation. Navigation. Invocation. Recordation, Receive. Position. Transmute. Purvey. Evoke. a relational quality to other, qualitative difference, way of life and living, being a way in relation to others, dropping the

WellSpring LX ~ Consonance

Arriving delighted, awakening, in-over, adjusting, fruiting, inquiring how are you, asked of humanity, how are we, asked within humanity, how is our humanity, asked with humanity, understanding the question, conditions for its answering, ability to receive the answer, existential answerings, conditioned by their asking, eliciting another’s experience, discovering phenomenologically, who were you, what feels you,