These are some frequently asked questions about apithology, the community and the website generally.

About Apithology   Q: What is apithology? A: Apithology is the field of inquiry that looks at the causes of health and generativity in living systems. It involves certain assumptions, specific practices of inquiry and set techniques that assist people asking about  the causes of generative wellbeing. By studying in community we have found learning is enhanced immediately, collectively and directly. There is also an instructional (funny) video (that you may find useful) in this Blog post that answers: ‘What is apithology?’.

Practical Applications  Q:  What sort of areas can apithology be applied to? A: Apithology practice is a diverse field. Its applications are as varied as the many expressions of humanity. The common feature in all its applications is the contributions of caring individuals for the benefit of others. The main feature of apithology theory is it is empty of its own content, being formed to allow people to apply its processes to their own field. Many fields may benefit from a generativist approach. There are obvious applications in childhood education, nature restoration, community development, urban design, the visual arts, dance/movement and music composition. Specific personal practice applications include yoga teaching, conscious parenting, organisational psychology, indigenous development, social entrepreneurship, health support services, sustainability system design and urban renewal planning.

Blog Content  Q: The Blog seems to have a mix of general articles, interspersed with member protected content, and something called ‘Wellspring’. Can I filter this feed to see only what is of interest to me?   A: The Blog has two nifty sorting features. The first is that next to the Author’s name on each post is a ‘Category’. If you click on a Category the Blog will select and compile all the Posts within that Category. Also, the Blog has interactive Tags which appear below the Post preview. If you click on a Tag you will get a selection of the Blog posts with that Tag only.  Categories are generalised (e.g. News, Practice Notes, Announcements, Stories, etc.). Tags are specific (e.g. WellSpring, Masterclass, Yoga).

Search Blog   On the main Blog page there is also a ‘Search’ box on the right sidebar.  Also, on each recent Post, links from their short-titles are provided in the right-hand sidebar for convenience. Another easy way to browse content is simply to click the ‘Blog’ tab at the top of any page on the site (i.e. https://apithology.org/blog/) and read through the short-form Previews of the last few posts.

Subscribe to Blog   Q: How do I subscribe to the blog?   A: You can updated your subscription preferences when logged in by visiting this link: https://apithology.org/blog-subscription/ Subscribing to the blog is managed and received separately from the forums.

Change Profile/Picture    Q: How do upload/change my profile picture /avatar?   A: Uploading your profile picture is important. It says ‘I would like to be greeted’. There is an informal assumption that until your profile picture (or avatar) is uploaded, you would like to be ignored. While this site does not require your personal picture or name, an anonymous avatar is seen as as having your back to the conversations. We respect that request. To change your picture, the simplest way is to log in, then visit a link of the form: https://apithology.org/forums/users/ [USERNAME]/edit/ where [USERNAME] = your username. This username may NOT be the same as your login, Nickname or profile name, but will have been set by you or provided to you by Member Support. Once logged in choose a file to upload, upload it, save your edits and your profile picture (for this site) will be changed.

Join a Forum   Q: How do I join a Forum?   A: To join an existing Group, login with your  username and password, click on the ‘Forums’ tab at the top of the page or https://apithology.org/forums/ There you can see the Forum names and descriptions. Select one to view the topics, and select a topic to view the posts. There are currently over 12 Forums and 40 Topics. Not all may be visible to you. Visibility and accessibility of Forums is enabled based groups e.g. course graduates, practitioners, administrators.

Join a Topic   Q: How do I contribute to a Topic discussion?   A: Topic discussions are open to Forum members. If you are a Forum member, click on the ‘Forum’ to see All Topics or My Topics. You can see what topics you  have started and replied to via the “Forums” menu under your personal profile, at the top right hand side of the site when logged in.

To Browse all Topics   Q: How can I see what Topics have already been started before making a new one?   A: You can use the link to the Forum Directory at https://apithology.org/topics/ to get an overview of all current Topics in all Forums (you have access to). The Topics of the private Forums that you are not a member of will not be shown.

Begin a New Topic    Q: What do I need to do to begin a new Topic?   A: This is very easy. Once you have this level of permission (as a Participant or Practitioner) login and select (or begin) a Forum you are already a member of. There are shortcuts to the existing Forums on the righthand side bar of most pages or click the ‘Forums’ tab which takes you to the Forums page: https://apithology.org/forums/. Once you are in the right Forum for your (proposed) Topic, scroll down and beneath existing topics is a form to create a ‘New Topic’. Post the title of your New Topic and the initial content. Add multiple and useful Tags (separated by commas) to help people find your Topic.

Inviting Friends to a Topic   Q: How do I invite people to contribute to a Topic I have started?   A: The default setting for all users is to receive notifications of new topics being started and replies, in a daily digest email. So, unless changed by that user, they will receive notification of the new topic. You can also share a link to the Topic with them directly via a personal email.

Finding What’s New     Q: This site is different to others. Where do you suggest I go to find what’s new?   A: The easiest way of finding what is new is to login and review the “Recent Replies” widget in the right hand side of the Forums page, or the widgets on the right hand side of the blog https://apithology.org/blog/. This includes Latest Posts, Recent Comments, Recent Topics. These provide a ‘satellite image’ overview of all recent activity. You can also subscribe to RSS feeds using a reader:

  • RSS of all blog activity https://apithology.org/rss
  • RSS of forum activity https://apithology.org/forums/rss
  • RSS of any forum or topic – add ‘rss’ after the URL of that Forum or Topic e.g. https://apithology.org/forums/forum/open-forum/rss or https://apithology.org/forums/topic/website-queries/rss

Change Email or Password      Q: How do I change (or check) my email address and my password?   A: Once you are logged in, To change your password, the simplest way is to log in, then visit a link of the form: https://apithology.org/forums/users/ [USERNAME]/edit/ where [USERNAME] = your username. This username may NOT be the same as your login, Nickname or profile name, but will have been set by you or provided to you by Member Support.

Notifications and Emails  Q: How do I change, check, or opt out of all notifications I receive?   A: Once you are logged in, To change your Forum notification subscription preferences, the simplest way is to log in, then visit a link of the form: https://apithology.org/forums/users/ [USERNAME]/edit/ where [USERNAME] = your username. This username may NOT be the same as your login, Nickname or profile name, but will have been set by you or provided to you by Member Support. If you do receive an email notification, this also usually has a direct link to this page to enable you to update/change these settings. If you want to opt out of notifications, or aren’t receiving any, please email me and include a forwarded version of the unwanted notification.

Privacy Policy  Q: What is your privacy policy? A: We don’t want to be the people to break the news to you, however, if you are connected to the internet you probably are already in a public place (which has a memory) with a (digital) identity. While there are some password protected areas of this site, you should consider it a public location much like a cafe’. We actively don’t collect your private information and, unless no-one else in the world has ever seen your email address, we don’t store private information personal to you (not posted by you). We even suggest that your account password is one you generate only for use here (so there is no concern about security). Consider this a private conversation in a public place (like the Metro, Subway, U-Bahn, T-bana or Tube) with other passengers who have different destinations (and motivations). Please take care of your own belongings.

Leave Community  Q: How do I close my membership? A: Leaving the community and ‘unregistering’ from the website is very easy. Simply send an email or message to Member Support requesting deletion of your User profile – and your membership record on the site will be deleted. This will also delete all your posts, comments and contributions – leaving a gap (i.e. an absence) in the sequence of record. Deletion is permanent and cannot be undone. You can also change your Profile (or Avatar) at any time (although not your user-name). You can also re-register at a later time with a different email address.

If you can’t find an answer to your specific query above, feel free to add any questions you have to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by posting them in our Website Queries discussion topic (link). For all technical questions such as permissions, memberships, subscriptions and site malfunctions – send your support email request to Member Support.

Last Updated: 25 October 2023