Member Welcome

This is the welcome page for new members of the Apithology community.

It provides an overview of the membership structure, features of the community site and directions to get started.

As described on the Guide page, your level of membership affects what you are able to do and see on the site.

To get started, we recommend:

  1. Edit your profile and add a photo/avatar. Editing can be accessed through the ‘Edit My Profile’ links at the top right-hand side of most pages of the website (under your login), or by clicking your name in the Members Directory.
  2. Read some  blog posts This introductory video will get you laughing.
  3. Contribute to discussion topics. The Apithology Aphorisms is a nice place to start.
  4. Invite other members to be your “friend”. Being friends enables you to invite each other to discussions and send notifications to that person. Request friendships here:
  5. Use the Activity stream to catching up on the latest news. An excellent guide to how to use and adjust your ‘activity’ stream is viewable here (external site).

Instructions on how to access and use many of these features, step by step, are on the FAQ page.

Help with using the site is also available:

  1. Check the Guide page FAQs,
  2. Request additional questions, answers or suggestion by posting them on our WebSite improvements Topic.
  3. Make a specific request for support (e.g. permissions, memberships, subscriptions and site malfunctions) by sending a message to the Member-Support volunteer via this site (