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WellSpring LXII ~ Tenaciousness

Arriving stimulated, unsure, not-sure, enthusiastic but flat, robust; systems of breakdown, with repetition, frequency, immediacy, tenuousness-tenaciousness, soldiering-on, stoicism, grace in contraction, relevance of responsiveness, grounding, re-configuring, holding-differently, celebrating simplicity, yogic-returning, gravity-soup-ish-ness, cycle of simplicity, proactive-return, non-utopian/ dystopian/ trans-humanism narrative, technology-enabling, human-sharing, abundant paucity-sharing, holding-what-is, regime-shift-release, opportunity-holding, joyfully-for-now, holding and release, responsive-discernment, abundant-transitioning, flowering-releasing, fruiting-falling, doing-by-done-to, doing-so-as-to,

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